COOPER® Valves was the first to pour 304 Stainless Steel in 1934. We have continued to expand our technologies to produce an incredible array of exotic alloys that are able to withstand extreme manufacturing challenges such as temperature fluctuations, high pressure and exposure to corrosive materials.

Metals Standard Specifications
Carbon Steel A216 - WCB, A352 - LCC
Incoloy A351 – CT15C, A494 CU5MCUC
Titanium Alloy B367 – GR.2, B367 – GR.3, B367 – GR.7B, UNS R53400
Zirconium Alloy B752 – GR.702C, B752 – GR.705C
Low Alloy Chrome A217 - WC6, A217 - WC9, A217 - C5, A217 - C12
Stainless Steel A351 – CF8, A351 –CF3, A351 – CF8M, A351 – CF3M, A351 – CG8M, A351 – CG3M, A351 – CF8C
Duplex A890 – CD4MCU, A890 – CD4MCUN, A890/A995 – CD3MN, A890 – CE3MN, A890 – CD3NWCuN
Alloy 20 A351 – CN7M, A990 – Modified A20, A990 – CN3MCU
Nickel Alloy A494-CZ100
Hastelloy A494 – N-12MV, A494 – N-12MV
Inconel A494 - CZ100, A494 – CY40 CL.1

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