High Performance Valves for the Global Market

How far can Quality Without Compromise take you? For COOPER® Valves the journey has taken us from being a family owned foundry in Texas to trusted supplier of international industries around the world. Currently, we have a network of foundries throughout the United States, as well as manufacturing facilities in Italy, Thailand, China and Korea.

Applications For Industries

Heavy abrasion. Extreme temperature variations. Toxic chemicals. Dust, dirt and residues. Cooper valves not only perform in these challenging industrial environments, they excel. They are built to take a beating and to stand up longer in the face of rough conditions. In fact, some Cooper valves are still in use after 25 years.

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Metals That Meet Every Challenge

Cooper Valves was the first to pour 304 Stainless Steel in 1934. We have continued to expand our technologies to produce an incredible array of exotic alloys that are able to withstand extreme manufacturing challenges such as temperature fluctuations, high pressure and exposure to corrosive materials.

Accuseal®, now part of the Cooper family, is well known for its use of advanced technology, particularly in carbon steel coatings.

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Approved for Use All Over the Planet

Cooper Valves designs its valves to meet and exceed industrial standards used around the globe which is one of the many reasons why we are a globally approved industrial valve manufacturer.

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