Warranty Information

  1. COOPER® warrants to the original purchaser, for a period of one year from the date of SHIPMENT (ExWorks) that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, not caused or resulting from improper usage or application, improper installation, improper maintenance, repair modification or alterations.

    In the event the original purchaser shall determine that a product purchased from Cooper shall be defective in workmanship or materials, the customer shall notify the Cooper Warranty Representative by telephone (+1-800-480-4950), followed by written notice within 7 days therefrom, addressed to:

4659 Wright Road
Stafford, Texas 77477 USA 

2. Extended warranty of 5 years is offered as standard on all Manually Operated SPV valves in steam and Boiler Feed Water service application only. All other applications of the Cooper SPV shall be a standard one year warranty. All other Cooper products carry a limited one year warranty. To validate the 5 year warranty, the following conditions of usage must be applied:

a)  All conditions of installation and maintenance as defined in Manufacturer IOM manual must be followed.

b)  Valve must be cycled open to closed, and closed to open at least 5 occurrences each year after installation.

c)  Service must be clean Steam or Boiler Feed Water

d)  Valve must not be modified or repaired in any way without express written agreement from manufacturer 

In the event Cooper shall determine that the product is defective as a result of factory workmanship, based upon such examination of the product which Cooper may deem appropriate, Cooper shall thereupon, at its sole option and discretion do one of the following:

(a)  Cause the defective product to be repaired, or

(b)  Replaced with a substantially identical product

Cooper shall bear all normal surface transportation costs to the original purchaser for all products determined to have been defective from User’s facility to Cooper nearest Authorized Service Center. But shall in no event bear any installation, de-installation,         re-installation, engineering, consequential/ incidental/liquidated damages, loss of profit, damages or harm to property or personnel, etc. or any other costs or loss incurred in connection with repair or replacement.

The selection, suitability, installation, and fitness for purpose of all products sold by Cooper shall be deemed to have been determined by and within the sole discretion of the Purchaser. Accordingly, Cooper disclaims any obligation, warranty or guarantee in any manner relating to or resulting from the selection, application, suitability, and fitness for purpose or installation of its products.

The foregoing constitutes sole obligation of Cooper with respect to defective products purchased from it and in no manner shall Cooper assume or be liable for any other expenses, incidental, or consequential or liquidated damages, losses, lost profits, down time, harm to personnel, damage to property whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly suffered or in any other manner relating to or as the result of any defect or failure of any products that it may sell.

Catalog illustrations are representations of products of a certain size, type, material however; in no way shall they be used to determine final design selection. Cooper reserves the right to modify, change, delete, or expand catalog illustrations without notice. Buyer is cautioned to seek engineered drawings for final approval of selection of product for exact product specifications and product details. NO PERSON IS AUTHORIZED TO GRANT OR EXTEND ANY WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION ON BEHALF OF COOPER OTHER THAN AS SET FORTH HEREIN. This Agreement may be modified or amended by specific Supply Agreements agreed to in writing by Cooper Valves, LLC.

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