COOPER® Valves Celebrates Success in First Year as Private Company

Sugar Land, TX - COOPER Valves celebrates its one year anniversary as a private company this September with an increase in sales of over 400%. The team responsible for making this happen, led by Ginger Restovic (President) and Ionel Nechiti (General Partner, Platform Management), spent the past year rebuilding relationships with suppliers and distributors to ensure the highest quality product was being delivered to end users. This success relates to COOPER’s ability to deliver exotic alloy valves, such as high nickel alloy, titanium, duplex, etc., within a short timeframe and their dedication to “Quality Without Compromise.”

Today’s changing industrial climate has played a role in COOPER Valves’ success. With many facilities modifying their processes to accept harsher sour gas and the advent of the shale gas boom, severe service requirements have increased tremendously. COOPER Valves, known for producing high alloy severe service valves in the USA with an extended warranty, has helped many of these facilities fulfill their transition requirements and will continue to do so far into the future.

As refining processes become more complex and hazardous chemicals become more prevalent, the quality of products used becomes more important. With this knowledge, and protecting human life and the environment as a top priority, COOPER Valves has gone through great lengths over the past year to maintain and develop manufacturing in the USA. This domestic effort has allowed for higher levels of quality control which is essential due to the severe service and mission critical needs of our customers.

Since 1934, COOPER Valves has been manufacturing high quality exotic alloy valves in the USA. Quick delivery, quality products, extended warranties, and friendly customer service has allowed COOPER Valves to stand apart. COOPER Valves’ motto, “Quality Without Compromise,” is a testament to the company’s attitude towards delivering products of the highest standard to its customers with mission critical needs and is a core reason why the company strongly believes in products Made in USA. For additional information about COOPER Valves, call 1-800-480-0832, email, or visit