COOPER® Valves Acquires Houston-Based Metal-Seated Ball Valve Manufacturer Accuseal®

Stafford, TX – COOPER® Valves today announced it has acquired Accuseal®, the leading manufacturer of severe service metal-seated ball valves. The acquisition will strengthen COOPER Valves’ position within the severe service valve market. Accuseal will conduct future business as a brand of COOPER Valves under the name COOPER Accuseal. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“We are extremely excited to be adding what we believe to the best engineered, best manufactured metal seated ball valve in the world to our portfolio of products," said Ginger Restovic, President of COOPER Valves. "Accuseal fits well with the rest of our valve line that prides itself on being first in class in valves designed specifically for severe service applications. We will continue to expand our reach into other markets with additional highly engineered products from this fine group of people here at both COOPER and Accuseal. And in keeping with our business model, we will maintain our manufacturing of both of these premier valve brands right here in Houston, TX USA.”

Accuseal, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has served the global energy and mining markets since 2005 and will continue to do so as an integral part of the COOPER Valves organization. Accuseal manufactures the most advanced and optimally engineered severe service metal-seated ball valves that meet Class VI Shut-off standards. Internally developed and proprietary design engineering software, coating processes, and lapping process, Omni-Lap 360™, have earned Accuseal a significant advantage over its competition in terms of quality and durability. Accuseal’s approach to quality has a created a stellar track record for providing long lasting critical service valves that meet exacting customer specifications.

“Becoming a part of the COOPER Valves family is great news for Accuseal,” said Mike Crim, VP and General Manager of Accuseal. “We have been steadily growing our business and are approaching a critical mass of momentum. Becoming a part of the COOPER Valves family will help us meet and exceed our customers’ expectations as we continue to grow. COOPER Valves will bring us strengthened brand recognition, a strong global distribution network, and improved supply chain logistics.”

COOPER Valves, a rapidly growing and well-respected manufacturer of nickel and exotic alloy critical service valves, acquired Accuseal to provide high quality, long lasting, and severe service metal-seated ball valves to its customers around the world. The products that Accuseal brings to the COOPER Valves family will allow COOPER to pursue a wider range of industrial markets, including Power Generation and Mining & Minerals.

COOPER® Valves, headquartered in Stafford, Texas, has been manufacturing high quality exotic and nickel alloy valves in the USA since 1934. Quick delivery, quality products, extended warranties, and friendly customer service has allowed COOPER® Valves to stand apart. COOPER® Valves’ motto, “Quality Without Compromise,” is a testament to the company’s attitude towards delivering products of the highest standard to its customers with mission critical needs and is a core reason why the company strongly believes in products Made in the USA. For additional information about COOPER® Valves, call 1-800-480-0832 or visit